Multipurpose Android App

WP Connect is an Android template to show your WordPress website’s content, Youtube channel or social feed.

User management

Using WordPress default registration and login will help you take control of users within your app.

  • User registration
  • User Login
  • Lost password
  • WordPress user management

Posts and categories

Show a list of all categories, latest posts from your blog and assign single categories to your app’s navigation.

  • List of all categories
  • Recent posts from the blog
  • Single category
  • comments

Youtube Channel

Show recent videos from channel, List all the playlists in a channel or assign single playlists to navigation.

  • Recent Videos from your channel
  • List of all the playlists from a channel
  • Show videos from single playlists
  • In-built video player

Social feed

Show your social feed from Facebook and Instagram. Users will be able to share or add them to the favorites.

  • Supports images and videos
  • In-built player for videos
  • Show any Facebook page
  • Show your own Instagram feed

WordPress REST API

Using WordPress as a back-end solution for your app

We use WordPress REST API to grab your site’s data in simple JSON. You will need to install JWT Authentication for WP-API free plugin to extend REST API to work with the users.

Codecanyon Reviews

User management

Users can register and login to your app with WordPress default method and Facebook. Registration is required for users to post comments and replies.

Search content

Users can easily search within your content. With filtering option user can decide what to look for and narrow the search result.

In-App Media player

Let users play youtube videos without even leaving your app and opening youtube app! User can also zoom on images and download them.

Comments and replies

Users can comment to posts and can even reply to other comments. Admin can moderate comments from WordPress dashboard and edit or remove them.

Push notifications

Notify your users about new content with free unlimited real-time push notifications from Google Firebase.

Social media feed

Show a Facebook or Instagram feed within your app. With support for sharing and deep-linking , comment count and likes count.

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